Sunday, December 8, 2013

Calm and Peaceful Christmas Song

Christmas is coming! This holiday is always a special time of peaceful family atmosphere and romantic feelings. Our new song about Christmas will make you feel warmer during these winter days. 

The lyrics of the song were written by my husband some 10 years ago when he was a student. And today we decided to turn his little Christmas poem into a song that I believe will appeal to both kids and adults. The song sounds as calm as a lullaby so I hope children are going to like it. And grown-ups will certainly love the message of the song calling for peace in the world.  

The Christmas song lyrics:

Snow is falling from the sky,
Turning round like in the dance,
Landing on the nose of mine,
Melting on the skin at once.

It’s a lovely Christmas tree
Whitened with some fluffy snow.
I just have a little dream
To take this beauty to my home.

Everyone will jump with joy,
Singing around the big green tree,
And I’ll give you a Christmas toy
If you give a kiss to me.

You and me will dance all night
Cheek to cheek, and hand in hand.
Hearts are warm and eyes are bright,
Let this party have no end.

Christmas is a real dream
Santa visits our place,
Brings us presents and ice-cream,
Smiles shine on every face.

Let the people of the world
Stop the wars and any fight,
Thank the Virgin and the Lord,
In the way we do tonight.

Peace and love will come to Earth
That’s for what we all should pray,
In the day of Jesus’ birth
War and hatred stay away.

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