Saturday, August 20, 2022

Alphabet Learning Worksheets (Free PDF)

I have recently created another bunch of printable worksheets that offer elementary school students some fun activities to better memorize the English alphabet as well as learn basic vocabulary. These worksheets are good for non-native speaking kids who finished learning all the ABC letters as well as relevant words starting with these letters and they now need to strengthen this knowledge through activities. Using these printables, I'll ask my young students to circle pictures that start with this or another letter and help a mouse reach a piece of cheese through a letter maze moving from one letter to another in the alphabetical order. I'd like to share these worksheets with my fellow teachers from all over the world. You can find the links below to download them for free in printer-friendly PDF files. I hope my worksheets will help you organize fun English classes.
Printable ABC worksheet for elementary school - free PDF
Find and circle pictures that start with the letter A.

Free ABC worksheet for kindergarten and elementary school

Find and circle pictures that start with letter C - free ABC worksheet

ABC maze worksheet to learn alphabet order
The ABC maze worksheet: help the mouse find the cheese (capital letters).

Alphabet maze activity to learn ABC order - free worksheet
The ABC maze worksheet for lowercase letters.

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