Saturday, October 1, 2022

English Lesson Ideas for October

According to my classroom calendar, there are at least 8 attention worthy holidays and celebrations that EFL/ESL teachers can build their classes around in October. Here are my ideas, suggestions and resources for English classes in October.

Lesson plan calendar for October
Learn more about my printable classroom calendar.

You can talk about students’ favorite music on International Music Day (October 1). You can learn lyrics of one of today’s popular songs with middle and high school students. You can sing some simple songs with pre-school and elementary school kids.

World Animal Day on October 4 is a good time to learn and refresh vocabulary related to animals. Since it’s one of the most popular topics for kids, I have a lot of printable resources for English classes dedicated to animals. Here are some of them.

ESL animals vocabulary posters
Learn more about my printable vocabulary posters.

Animals on the train - English ABC poster
Learn more about this printable ABC train.

Animal babies worksheet
Learn more about animal babies worksheets.

Animals vocabulary crossword puzzle
Learn more about animal vocabulary worksheets.

We usually refresh school-related vocabulary (school subjects, classroom objects etc.) on World Teachers’ Day on October 5. I have a set of relevant worksheets to suggest to you.

School subjects worksheet for Teachers Day
Learn more about school vocabulary worksheets.

Columbus Day is a national holiday in the United States. My middle school students learn more about this holiday and Christopher Columbus through my Columbus Day reading comprehension set that includes some printable worksheets.

Columbus Day reading comprehension for ESL students
Learn more about Columbus Day reading comprehension worksheets.

National Farmers Day, October 12, offers a variety of topics for English classes dedicated to this celebration. I have a couple of simple songs about farm animals on my YouTube channel which my elementary students sing on this day. Of course we learn or refresh English names of farm animals, their homes and babies. We read a simple reading comprehension passage about a cow that belongs to my animals reading comprehension kit. My middle school students learn English names for farmer's tools which I display on a printable vocabulary poster (sometimes I use this one for Labor Day classes too).

Farm animals vocabulary
Learn more about printable vocabulary posters.

Farm tools vocabulary poster

Reading comprehension worksheet for elementary school
Learn more about my animal reading comprehension kit.

Learn more about my Farm Animals Song.

On October 14, National Dessert Day, we talk about kids’ favorite desserts and ingredients needed to make them. I have a reading comprehension text about cakes that I offer to my young students to read on this day.

Reading comprehension worksheets about cooking - baking cakes
Learn more about food and cooking reading comprehension worksheets.

On International Artist Day, October 25, I ask elementary school students to draw quick pictures by my descriptions. Something like “a big black dog and a small red cat are eating a long sausage together under an apple tree”.

Another big holiday of the month of October is, of course, Halloween. I have a lot of ESL printables dedicated to this day. Here are some of them.

Halloween vocabulary words on printable posters
Learn more about my printable vocabulary posters.

Printable Halloween flashcards
Learn more about my printable Halloween worksheets, flashcards and games.

Printable Halloween dominoes - Halloween game
Learn more about printable Halloween dominoes.

Learn more about this Halloween song.

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